Here at The Residence my aim is to create a friendly and vibrant place where like-minded individuals can Work, Connect and Grow.

I believe the coworking environment is ideal for start-ups, freelancers or anyone looking for a great place to work but loves the prospect of sharing ideas, building relationships and growing their business in an organic yet focused way.

Using ‘The Residence’ as a permanent base for my own business as a Virtual Assistant, it’s a great place to welcome my clients for meetings, social events or even just a natter over a cuppa. A city worker in a previous career, my life was faced paced and frenzied however once I left the city and started on my own, I knew that I needed to continue my professional approach yet maintain a level of authenticity for myself.

As a VA my job is to offer support and guidance. It’s in my nature to be helpful, especially when I can see an opportunity to help take the pressure off. The very nature of being a VA is just that – taking the pressure off others so they can focus on their job. I immediately recognised the same advantages in a co-working space: A professional yet friendly environment, with like-minded individuals where everything from the wi-fi and printer to coffee and cake are taken care of.

My aim at The Residence is to remove all the detail, and the distraction from your day, so you can focus on your business and watch it grow. My job is to enable you to be more productive and ensure the time you spend at The Residence is time well spent.

I’ve created a friendly environment that is professional yet personal. At the heart of my business, I want to ensure you feel welcome and well supported.

Our members comprise a good combination of freelancers, corporate individuals who want a break from the commute and small business owners. As we grow I’d love the diverse mix of professionals we have created here to continue whilst offering more people a great place to come to work.

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