Why co-working?

We can sum this up in one word; thrive.

File under financial the joy of not having to commute for ages too and from work. Not only have you just removed a huge cause of stress, but you’re saving money on your travel costs and doing the environment a favour too! Sharing services with other people works out more cost-efficient, and you can add not having to sign a lease or buy furniture or the other wonderful things that coworking spaces offer to that list as well.

Of course, it’s the emotional benefits of coworking that really swing the argument though. Working from home might make financial sense but it can be hard to motivate yourself when the laundry or hoovering are sitting there reminding you of household tasks that need doing. Join a good coworking space and you’re removing the opportunity for distraction and allowing your brain to get into work mode, making you far more productive. #coworking #freelancer #theresidence

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