Why Coworking?

This rapidly growing trend has become so popular across the globe simply because it allows you and your business to thrive. Fostering an environment of community and connection, individuals have found real meaning not only in the work that they choose, but also in the place where they do it.

Folks that choose coworking are making an investment in themselves and their business. You can choose the coffee shop or the home office but paying for a desk in a shared office usually indicates you want more from your working life and are serious about growing your business.

The Benefits

Fundamentally it’s a good place to work – a desk, a printer, good wi-fi, meeting room, coffee, clean and quiet. However, it is so much more than that – it’s a community of like-minded people coming together to do work they are passionate about. Bouncing ideas off one another, testing your products or services before you go to market and simply asking advice from your peers has made a significant impact on the decision to choose a coworking space opposed to a traditional office.

At “The Residence” our members tell us they’ve increased productivity, focus and motivation as they embrace the space and time away from home or the coffee shop, to focus solely on their business.

The Costs

For small business start-ups, freelancers or corporates who work remotely, a flexible workspace without the responsibility of leasing their own office, is the ideal solution. From hot desking and part-time residency to a full-time desk or small office you can minimise your costs, risk and commitment.

Coworking offers flexibility to maintain an office without the commitment of a lease or the frustrations of working from home or the coffee shop. There are no hidden costs and no added extras like utility bills, equipment to repair or ink to buy.

And, when you’re ready to grow your business you don’t need to move premises, you can simply hire another desk for your new employee and carry on as before without disruption and minimising additional costs.

Meeting Your Needs

A good coworking space is all about its members. Understanding what they need and supporting them to grow, connect and work effectively is crucial for attracting, retaining and engaging members.

In addition to creating a great place to work we have all the added extras you need to keep you motivated and business booming.

Meeting Room

Our meeting room is the ideal space for seeing clients, strategy meetings or online chats and when it’s not being used by our members, we host a range of events from ‘how to grow your business’ talks to after works drinks for members to socialise.

Virtual Assistant

Plus, if you find you’re spending too much time working “in” your business rather than “on” it then you can take advantage of our Virtual Assistant packages offering admin support, project management and anything else you wish you could have over to someone else. Again, the costs are manageable, and the commitment is made at your own level according to need and budget.

Taking a Break

Chill out on the sofa and have forty winks or make yourself a coffee in the kitchen. Sociability promotes activity: while you’re having a natter with another member maybe they’ll offer up a golden nugget of business advice, help you realise a solution to a nagging problem or recommend that great web designer you’ve been looking for: there’s so many opportunities in a coworking space to embrace and thrive.


Coworking with others across a variety of industries enables us to share work, projects and ideas without competition or judgement. We offer a diverse range of events, workshops and learning from others in a fun and friendly environment. We enjoy sharing our work and we become more productive and more passionate about the growth of our businesses.

Why not coworking?

The best thing about coworking is the minimal commitment on your part. If you’re considering giving it a try, then hot desk for the day and see if it works for you. You never know you might love it and discover a whole new way of working, connecting and growing.

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